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Hypnotherapists in Portsmouth, Paulsgrove, Portchester, Cosham and Fareham

Duncan Murray, Advanced Clinical Hypnotherapist
 B.Sc. (Hons), DCHyp, A.Cert.CSHyp, GQHP, GHR reg

Portsmouth Hypnotherapist Duncan Murray a member of the NHSTA's NHS Directory of Complementary and Alternative Practitioners registered location in Botley

An Effective and Empathetic, Professional, Hypnotherapist for Portsmouth Cosham, Portchester, Paulsgrove and Fareham:
Specialising in
IBS, PTSD, Anxieties/Panic Attacks, Reactive Depression
and Process Phobias (Dentists/Needles/Flying etc)

Tel: 01489 787312

Appointments available 7 days a week in Curbridge
1, Woodview Cottages, Botley road, Curbridge, SO30 2HB

As GPs often advise, when looking for Hypnotherapists, always check they are GHR registered. I am also in the NHSTA Directory (member No 6578) and GHSc validated.

Hypnotherapy for Portsmouth,
My professional Hypnotherapists fees are £60 per session.

'Recession Buster' - to help you out in these difficult times - Due to the complexity of the issues I treat, most sessions are of 90 minutes duration but are still charged at just an hour.
(Discounts available for Public Sector/Charity Workers of £5 per session on the full session fees. Active/Former servicemen/women please ask about the special discount for PTSD treatment.)

Duncan is the founder of IBSHelp.org.uk and course author and tutor of the GHR recognised training programme for Hypnotherapists ' CPD 'The Treatment of IBS through Gut Orientated Metaphor'.

Home    Your Hypnotherapists    What is Hypnotherapy?    Anxieties/Panic Attacks   
Hypnosis and Depression  
Hypnotherapy and IBS    Mind-Body Healing    Process Phobias    PTSD    A History of Hypnotherapy

April 2011 is International IBS Awareness Month and the BBC recently carried even more information on the effectiveness of
Hypnotherapy for IBS.

Hypnosis has a very real effect that can be picked up on brain scans according to another recent report as covered by the BBC.

And on Tuesday 12 April 2011 the Daily Mail reported the following

A further recent report covered by the BBC about hypnosis (June 2011) and how it should be available on the NHS is here

Hypnotherapists in Portsmouth - Portsmouth Hypnotherapy

Which way does the lady spin for you? - If you are right brain (creative etc) she will spin clockwise, if you are left brain (logical) she will spin anticlockwise - try changing her direction of spin by changing your thinking!

As a brief therapy, a short-term intervention, guided by a full-time Hypnotherapists trained to an Advanced Practitioner level, Hypnotherapy can have benefits in 2-4 sessions that can be life-long.

  'Hi Duncan, Just to let you know how the operation went. Did the IBS CD first thing in the morning before I went into hospital and again that night before I went to sleep. Used it daily for the first 4 weeks.
'Was really pleased as despite having been pushed about during the op, my gut behaved beautifully and gave me no trouble at all. The nurses also commented that I only needed basic paracetamol for pain relief and none of the array of stronger alternatives on offer! Came home after 3 days and have made a good recovery, very little pain and recovery has consisted more of getting my energy back rather than anything else. Saw the consultant yesterday 5 weeks post op and he is really pleased with the way I've healed....'
JG 2010

 Using inclusive and cognitive Hypnotherapy (i.e.  ethical, clinical research driven and empowering, gentle, active learning, experienced by the client within a state of deep hypnosis) which can have life-long benefits typically for:- IBS, PTSD, Reactive Depression , Anxiety Disorder, Dental/Needle/Flying Phobias other Anxiety related problems, and resources for Smoking Cessation.

Please note that the ASA (Advertising Standards Authority) have jurisdiction over the content of websites in the UK. Ethically and legally all content must be backed by suitable evidence of efficacy through research trials. Functional Disorders such as IBS are not diseases they are a mis-communication between the brain and the gut and can be effectively managed through Hypnosis. They cannot be 'cured' as there is nothing physical to 'cure'.
Also please that no claim is being made that Hypnotherapy can cure any disease, with chronic conditions and disease the use of hypnosis can help a sufferer cope better with the day-to-day issues and frustrations. There does however appear to be increasing evidence from psychological and medical research that the mind-body link is more important to our general wellbeing than previously thought.

Please telephone or email me via the Webmail form

Providing Specialist Hypnotherapists in Portsmouth for:- Anxieties    Depression    IBS    Pain Management    Panic Attacks    Phobias (incl. dental)    Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)   

email me via the Webmail form

I would like to welcome you to my Hypnotherapists in Portsmouth  website, which I hope you will find informative and useful, whether you decide to choose me to help you with any problems you might have, or another  GHR/NRH (National Regulatory Register for Hypnotherapy) registered or BST qualified Hypnotherapists. These registered therapists have undertaken a high, required, minimum number of hours of actual practical, classroom led, training as well as significant additional private study.

As a  registered Hypnotherapist I have a particular interest in treatments for IBS, PTSD, dental phobias  (and other process phobias), sports performance, depression and anxieties.

GHR (General Hypnotherapy Register) and NHSTA Directory member, GHSC validated,  Hypnotherapists providing a Hypnotherapy service in Portsmouth

* A cancellation fee of up to 100% is chargeable if the booked appointment is cancelled with less than 24 hours notice being given

website updated 19 July  2011

Home    Your Hypnotherapists    What is Hypnotherapy?    Anxieties/Panic Attacks    Hypnosis and Depression

Hypnotherapy and IBS    Mind-Body Healing    Process Phobias    PTSD    A History of Hypnotherapy

IBS Workshops

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Duncan Murray is a Hypnotherapists in Portsmouth which means that he works as a Clinical Hypnotherapist in the city of Portsmouth and he has designed his website Portsmouth hypnotherapy to accurately reflect the addition of his consulting room at Trafalgar House in Portchester. In offering a professional service of Hypnotherapy in Portsmouth Duncan particularly looks at issues based in Anxiety. This is a debilitating issue that can affect all areas of a sufferer's lives and if you are looking for Portsmouth Hypnotherapy then Duncan is the Hypnotherapist in Portsmouth to approach. Hypnotherapist Portsmouth | Hypnotherapist Portchester | Hypnotherapist Paulsgrove | Hypnotherapist Cosham | and Hypnotherapist Fareham Provided you have found the right Hypnotherapist in Hampshire Portsmouth he can sure help you by using my uniquely designed programs which will help you get your lost self-esteem back and build it if you had none to begin with, he will help to improve your confidence, well-being, health and fitness in a warm and relaxed environment.=The right Hypnotherapist in Hampshire or = Portsmouth area will offer excellent service and have good reputation. He will answer or return all telephone calls, so give you complete undivided attention while you are taking sessions.
The right Hypnotherapist in Hampshire or Portsmouth is specialized in helping people get over problems like smoking, alcoholism, drugs, sexual problems, problems of over or under weight, plus fears and phobias. All this can be treated by a learned Hypnotherapist.
The right Hypnotherapist in Hampshire or area will also be a Nutritional specialist. All his/her sessions are done on a 1 to 1 private basis and results will be kept confidential. One good and fruitful session with a hypnotherapist is all that it takes to change your life!
The hypnotherapist in Hampshire or Portsmouth provides a professional approach to their hypnotherapy sessions and part of this is the initial consultation. Hypnotherapists are also likely to vary the length of time for the initial consultation so you will need to check with your hypnotherapist to find out how their practices operate. Hypnotherapists in Hampshire or Portsmouth realize that not everyone is able to take an appointment in the day time and so they often give evening appointments. Some will also be available over the weekend Hampshire or Portsmouth hypnotherapists are all qualified and highly trained individuals. They have all undergone training from recognized UK national training hypnosis schools and colleges. The hypnotherapists are also members of a hypnotherapy national association and follow their code of conduct and ethics. So when you decide to go with one, be sure you will get the best services, the hypnotherapists session will put you at ease and the results will be there to see. A good hypnotherapist can do wonders and change the way you lived life and will help you take it to a much better and higher level .www.portsmouthhypnotherapy.com is the website of Duncan Murray DCHyp, ACertCSHyp, GQHP who is fully qualified in hypnotherapy. As a skilled hypnotherapist who has ethically studied clinical hypnosis in London with the BST foundation he is trained as a hypnotherapist to treat performance anxiety or anxieties for weddings or speeches as well as debilitating phobias as well as symptoms that give rise to sleep disorder such as insomnia. The Manchester model by Peter Whorwell for the treatment of IBS has been seen on BBC in the programme Alternative Therapies. Duncan Murray is a fully qualified hypnotherapist having gained his diploma a DCHyp. His other website www.Stopping-smoking.co.uk is specifically set up to help those that are looking for Smoking Cessation Therapy this is a particular intervention that is for those that are wanting to be quitting smoking using a hypnotherapist that is to say giving up an old habit that is causing them distress through cigarettes it has been found that the use of hypnotherapy by the application of techniques found in hypnosis are most helpful for smokers who want to become ex-smokers that is to say be happy ex-smokers after they have had help stopping smoking and become a permanent quitter. Duncan is a professional hypnotherapist working in Portchester reaching out as a hypnotherapist to people in Port Solent as well as the neighbouring city of Portsmouth along with the housing development of Whiteley and has the A32 passing by it that leads to Fareham which also has the outlying villages of Stubbington , Titchfield and Funtley,.